SLAS 2021 Digital – Analytik Jena presents new transport robot and label printer for high-throughput applications

01.02.2021 | Новости

Analytik Jena will present two new solutions for laboratories looking to automate their workflows at SLAS 2021 Digital – the CyBio Carry and the CyBio QuadPrint. The CyBio Carry is a compact transport robot for the laboratory bench that, in combination with other automation components, significantly accelerates work processes. The CyBio QuadPrint combines automated label printing and plate storage in one device. The system ensures reliable labeling of microplates in ANSI SLAS standard format and is ideal for medium to high-throughput rates.

With the CyBio Carry, Analytik Jena is primarily targeting laboratories in the pharmaceutical and life science sectors that want to automate their manual work processes for the first time. The transport robot fits on any laboratory bench and can be easily combined with other devices, such as the CyBio FeliX pipetting platform, to create a highly effective automation solution. The transport robot can thereby be flexibly adapted to the respective customer application and individually configured.

"The CyBio Carry brings the advantages of large automation systems to the laboratory bench," says Manuela Beil-Peter, Director Liquid Handling and Lab Automation at Analytik Jena. "The robot is the ideal solution for connecting laboratory instruments and workflows to increase throughput rates in the smallest possible space."

The CyBio QuadPrint makes routine processes such as automated fetching, storage and labeling of microplates safer and faster. The system is a unique combination of plate storage and high-throughput label printer in a small footprint. The CyBio QuadPrint features high storage capacities as well as excellent speed and precision in labeling. The device can process a wide range of microplate formats - including deep-well plates and semi-skirted microplates. Thanks to a comprehensive database of plate types, users no longer need to laboriously set parameters such as plate height, fringe height or amplification height. Expensive, pre-labeled microtiter plates are also not required.

"With the CyBio QuadPrint, we want to make the routine process of plate labeling easier for users. Complex configurations are no longer necessary with the device, and at the same time our unique technology guarantees absolute process reliability," says Beil-Peter, describing the advantages of the CyBio QuadPrint.

Both CyBio Carry and CyBio QuadPrint are based on Analytik Jena's many years of experience in the field of laboratory automation. The technologies used were developed with extensive customer feedback and are fundamentally oriented to the requirements of everyday


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