Federal Minister for Families Barley Visits Renowned Family Friendly Company Analytik Jena

31.08.2017 | Новости

Jena, Germany, August 29, 2017 – Federal Minister for Families, Seniors, Women and Youth, Dr. Katarina Barley, today visited Analytik Jena AG as part of her summer trip. The Company has received awards for its outstanding family friendliness. Grit Petzholdt-Gühne, Director of Human Resources, gave the Federal Minister a tour of the Company and explained the guiding principles of family friendliness at Analytik Jena and of the corporate culture.

“We want to be more than an attractive employer. We bear a particular responsibility to our employees and their families, and we strive to fulfill that. This understanding is deeply embedded in all of us, and it is a central component of our corporate culture. This special culture, which has grown over many years, brings us together and makes us stronger,” said Petzholdt-Gühne.

Analytik Jena AG offers its employees beneficial conditions to help them harmonize having a career and a family. For example, people bringing up young children have the options of making flexible part-time arrangements and working from home if this fits with the job that they do. In addition to this, employees can make use of an on-site daycare room for temporary needs or in case of emergencies. Analytik Jena supports the children of employees when they have finished schooling by offering them vacation jobs, internships, or specific training. Expecting parents receive advice and the needs of aging employees are also being given increasing consideration. With targeted measures for workplace health and safety, such as regular information and prevention activities, themed health days and after-work sports courses on site, Analytik Jena provides comprehensive support, ensuring a safe and healthy work environment for its employees. Analytik Jena also strengthens employee loyalty through annual family parties and a number of events held after work.

“At Analytik Jena AG it is evident that family friendliness in day-to-day business is firmly rooted in the Company communications and the interaction between employees and management. This kind of family friendly corporate culture, which also has room for the individual needs of employees, is what we need in German companies,” said Barley.

Federal Minister for Families Barley Visits Analytik Jena


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