compEAct – A New Benchmark in TN and TS Analysis of Organic Sample Matrices

21.03.2017 | Новости

Jena, 21. March 2017; Analytik Jena AG (Germany) introduces an innovation in the field of combustion-based analyzers for the determination of Total Sulfur and Total Nitrogen in organic elemental analysis. The compEAct series offers compact, space-saving combustion systems for the fast and cost-effective analysis of liquids, gases and LPG samples.

“compEAct is the ultimate solution when it comes to high productivity and low operation costs in routine labs of refineries, petrochemical and chemical industries – wherever space and time matter,” says Ulrich Krauss, CEO of Analytik Jena AG.

Based on a vertical furnace configuration, combined with highly sensitive detection systems (HiPerSens®) and the powerful EAsy Protect safety and performance control system, compEAct ensures precise and reliable results. The degree of automation is adaptable to individual requirements — from manual handling of just a few samples a week, up to fully automated, unattended operation around-the-clock in high-throughput laboratories.

With its unbelievable small footprint of less than 1/3 m2 for a fully automated system, including control and data evaluation unit, requiring only one socket, the occupied lab-space is reduced to a minimum. An embedded controller operated via integrated, robust touchscreen provides unsurpassed simplicity of operation, even when working with thicker lab gloves. Thanks to its LAN-compatibility the system can easily be operated via external devices and allows fast on-line support for service or application issues if required.

The simplicity of the EAvolution software ensures smooth operation and reliable analysis without extensive user training. To ensure full standard compliance and to avoid the exceedance of legal limits, the software comes equipped with a library of ASTM compliant methods, calibration sequences and check functions.

compEAct – TN and TS Analysis of Organic Sample Matrices


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