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A Date with the Future

At the beginning, thinking about your professional future can cause you to lose your sense of direction. So many big questions, so many possible answers. Should I do an apprenticeship or would I be better going to university/college? Which employer offers me varied and practical training? In which industry am I best to get started?

Don't worry: The fog will lift. And unlike at school, with some questions in life there is more than one correct answer.One of the important first steps is a student internship at a company you find exciting and whose products or services you are interested in — for example, at Analytik Jena. We offer students from the 8th grade and above the opportunity to venture a look into their professional future. With us, you learn what skills and knowledge will be demanded later in your working life — and you can put your talents to the test in first practical tasks.

One thing is sure: After the internship with us, you will have a much better basis for your choice of career, one of the most important decisions of your life. And indeed, maybe we will see a few of you again later as trainees.

Our Internship Offers and Work Placements for School Students

  • Work in the warehouse and order picking
  • Assisting production
  • Supporting administration or sales
  • Getting to know the research and development division
  • Work in our Service Center

Nothing suitable for your? Simply contact us directly and learn more about the individual opportunities at our company.

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