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At the start, with a good high school diploma in the bag - or at least the prospect of one — you only want one thing: A little bit of freedom. You've really earned it as well. However, sooner or later — preferably sooner — it will be time to lay the basis for a successful working life that corresponds to your interests and likes. Analytik Jena offers you a large choice of exciting and varied training occupations, both in the technical and the commercial field.
With the knowledge and expertise that you acquire with us, an internationally positioned, continuously growing high-tech company, many doors are open for you. And what is more, if you are good, we would gladly keep you with us. This is so because in filling positions, we like to focus on talent from our own ranks, people who have already proved how valuable they are to the company.

Dual Study

Each year, as well as the classic training, we give a few school leavers with a high-school diploma or those otherwise qualified to go to university the opportunity of a dual course of studies at the College of Advanced Vocational Studies.
At Analytik Jena, we have the motto: Double learns better. The balanced mix of theory and practice is a great challenge — but one that is worth it. In the best case scenario, you will possess something in your early 20s that others need 10 years or more for: An apprenticeship, a university education and a wealth of practical experience.

Our Training Places for School Leavers

  • Management assistant located in Jena
  • Industrial management assistant located in Jena
  • Management assistant for wholesale and foreign trade located in Jena
  • Specialist in warehouse logistics located in Jena
  • Production mechanic located in Jena
  • Mechatronics engineer located in Jena
  • Electronics engineer for equipment and systems located in Langewiesen
  • Precision optics engineer located in Eisfeld
  • Toolmaker located in Eisfeld
  • Industrial mechanic located in Eisfeld
  • Machinist located in Eisfeld

Nothing suitable for your? Simply contact us directly and learn more about the individual opportunities at our company.

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