ScanDrop² Series

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ScanDrop2 Series — Maximum Flexibility in UV/Vis Spectrophotometry

  • Precise: UV/Vis absorption measurements between 190 nm to 1000 nm
  • Optimum: CCD detector for optimized resolution Toluene-hexane: A@269 / A@269
  • Powerful: <2 s per spectrum/sample for fast results
  • Long-lasting: Highly precise optical system combined with a powerful xenon flash lamp
  • Simple: Easy handling just pipette the sample and take your measurement
  • Intelligent: Rotating mechanism opens instrument for optimum access and view of the 10” tablet PC
  • Comfortable: 2D scanning area adaptable to different center heights
  • Versatile: Interchangeable adapters prevent contact between samples and the optical system
  • Compatible: Interchangeable adapters available for microliter measurement cells and standard cuvettes
  • Versatile: Highly precise measurements with or without consumables
  • Practical: Walk-away principle applies to everything from individual samples to simple series of samples
  • Reliable: Entirely eliminates evaporation, cross-contamination and sample carryover effects
  • Modern: Stand-alone operation from an integrated 10” tablet and/ or PC
  • Cost-efficient: No charge for software licenses or updates
  • Universal: A variety of modules and preinstalled methods for customized data processing
  • Multilingual: Available in multiple languages

Product Info


ScanDrop² (incl. Control unit)
Efficient, robust and highly flexible UV/Vis spectrophotometer for scalable throughput in micro-volume or standard measurements. Small footprint and easy operation device for stand-alone (with tablet).

ScanDrop² (without Control unit)
Efficient, robust and highly flexible UV/Vis spectrophotometer for scalable throughput in micro-volume or standard measurements. Small footprint and easy operation device for external PC operation.

Efficient, Robust Spectrophotometer
The ScanDrop2 is a versatile, robust instrument that is user friendly without sacrificing measurement reliability. Optimized for the UV/Vis range, its symmetrical Czerny-Turner design with a linear CCD detector ensures excellent stability and reproducible results while offering a high level of resolution /Toluoene-hexane: A@269 / A@269).

Its long-lasting xenon flash lamp, which, unlike other systems,
requires no warm-up phase, means that the ScanDrop2 is immediately ready-to-use. At 109 flashes (approx. 100,000 hours), the product life of this lamp exceeds that of conventional light sources by orders of magnitude, delivering fast results and measurements that take <2 s per spectrum. The heart of the ScanDrop2 is the polychromator system, which uses no moving components. The settings are permanent, and the system is fixed in place and resistant to external influencing factors, eliminating the need for calibration.

Innovative Design for Reliable Handling
The instrument opens automatically in the front with a 180° rotation, which offers both right and left handed users an optimal access to sample positioning. This also guarantees an unobstructed view of the adapted 10” tablet PC used for operating the instrument every time. In addition, this eliminates the need for opening the instrument manually in order to introduce the samples, making the ScanDrop² fast and easy to use.

Interchangeable adapters accommodate samples in a variety of cuvettes-operators can also introduce samples directly without the use of consumables. The adapters used are then moved to their defined measurement positions inside the instrument. Because the 2D scan area of the ScanDrop2 accommodates sample detection at a variety of center heights (ranging from 8.5 to 15 mm), testing does not depend on the type of cuvette, the manufacturer or the fill level of the solution. In addition, the sample cannot come into contact with the instrument’s optical system, eliminating the need for cleaning after testing.

Flexible Adaption to Meet a Variety of Demands
CHIPCUVETTE®: The ScanDrop2 utilizes the unique, patented CHIPCUVETTE®, which allows the user to test samples ranging in volume from 0.3 μl to 4 μl. At the same time, CHIPCUVETTE® includes 16 individual microchannels, each with two different path lengths (0.1 mm and 1.0 mm) a feature that entirely eliminates sample evaporation, crosscontamination and carryover effects. Up to 32 measurements can be taken per run, with the option of performing double determinations at two different path lengths. This feature offers an unbeatable advantage when the sample concentrations are not known, as it eliminates the need for an additional sample dilution in many cases.

Standard Cuvette Adapter: An adapter for the ScanDrop2 is also available that can accommodate up to 8 different 10 mm cuvettes. Automatic sample positioning based on previously defined center heights makes it possible to use 10 mm cuvettes with different center heights (8.5 mm, 12 mm or 15 mm).

Butterfly Cuvette: The innovative Butterfly Cuvette can be used for testing up to 9 samples (volumes in the microliter range) and completely eliminates the need for consumables. Test preparation in the ScanDrop2 is as easy as pipetting the sample into the positions of the Butterfly Cuvette adapter just insert the adapter, pipette the sample, and start your measurement. As another userfriendly feature, the cuvette flips open and shut automatically with no manual intervention required.

Reliable Data Capture and Simple Evaluation
The integrated 10” tablet PC turns the ScanDrop2 into a compact, stand-alone system based on Windows 10 IoT that can be operated with no peripherals. The ScanDrop2 can also be operated from a standard PC or laptop. In addition to its easy-to-use, uncluttered menu interface, the software also comes with a series of preinstalled methods for analyzing nucleic acids and proteins, thus entirely satisfying the demands of life-science customers.

The quick-start menu offers a fast, uncomplicated way of calling up frequently used methods. The use of a mathematical module allows users to create, save and reuse specific formulas. With the aid of the quantification module, users can automatically analyze samples of unknown concentration, and create a calibration curve using standard samples. The UV/Vis module can be used for cyclic or kinetic sample measurements.

Users can transfer the data they generate or directly to a USB stick. Another extraordinarily convenient feature is the optional barcode reader, which can be used for scanning in sample information, and for tracking and documenting sample processing.

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Device combination for usage of different adapter and 10 mm cuvette measurement position, without PC, incl. control unit and software FlashSoftPro


Device combination for usage of different adapter and 10 mm cuvette measurement position, without PC and without control unit, incl. software FlashSoftPro


Butterfly Cuvette für ScanDrop2
Flip-top cuvette incl. adapter for UV/Vis measurements without consumables, 9 positions with 0.5 mm path lenght each


CHIPCUVETTE® Adapter for ScanDrop2
Adapter for CHIPCUVETTE® and UV/Vis measurements using ScanDrop2, double determination
of 1 to 16 sample at 0.1 mm and 1.0 mm path lenght




CHIPCUVETTE® - 25 Pieces


Standard Cuvette Adapter for ScanDrop2
Adapter for up to 8 Standard Cuvettes (10 mm) and UV/Vis measurements using ScanDrop2


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