CyBio® Composer

CyBio<sup>®</sup> ComposerБольше картинок


Automation Software for CyBio's Instruments

  • Scripting language tailored to lab automation needs
  • Open Instrument Driver Interface
  • CFR 21 Part 11 Support

The CyBio® Composer is an automation platform for single instruments and small robotic workstations. Direct access to all instrument functions as well as a fully developed scripting language leaves nothing lacking to automate your laboratory workflow.

Scripting elements tailored to laboratory automation needs reducing the effort for the creation of typical steps in laboratory workflows like worklist processing, sample management or customized volume correction for pipetting steps. General scripting elements such as defining variables, loops, conditional statements, subroutines and much more providing straightforward und swift sequential control.

A mightily error handling facilitates the creation of fault-tolerant scripts, also in tricky situations. Script aborting can be avoided by autonomously executed error handling routines or by script guided manually intervention. This helps saving time and material.



To offer a tailor-made solution, CyBio® Composer is divided into three different studio solutions.

  • The Application Studio offers a web browser-like user interface for "Click and Run" solutions.
  • The Scripting Studio is an automation software platform for script generation and detailed programming capability.
  • For integrating CyBio® Composer into an existing IT environment, the Integration Studio offers a comprehensive collection of flexible and open software interfaces.

Each module can be combined with the other for the perfect fit to your demands.

Technical Data

CyBio® Composer
Operating SystemMicrosoft Windows 7
Microsoft Windows 8 oder 8.1
Microsoft Windows 10
Hard Drive500 MB
Monitor Resolution1024 x 768 Pixel

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