CyBio® Screen-machine


Automation Platform for High Throughput Applications

The flexible concept of the CyBio®Screen-machine enables high and ultra high throughput screening of biochemical and cell-based assays. A patented transport system connects liquid handling units, stackers, incubators and fluorescence or luminescence readers.

The CyBio® Screen-machine is CyBio's modular, multi-functional automation platform for high throughput applications. Each CyBio® Screen-machine is individually designed starting with a base module that is customized according to the customer's needs. The integrated components such as pipettors, incubators, readers, dispensers and other automation modules work together with high precision and reliability to automate an assay from assay set-up to data collection. Automatic parallelization of processes, consistent system utilization and extraordinary time uniformity are provided with CyBio® Scheduler Software. Modifications or upgrades of the system based on future changing needs are possible, since all modules can be re-used in alternate configurations.

  • Complete automation of complex assays
  • Reliable integration of liquid and detection
  • User-friendly software
  • Precise method scheduling

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