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speedwave XPERT – Microwave Pressure Digestion System

Sample Preparation at the Highest Level

  • Reliable digestions thanks to innovative sensor technologies
  • Outstanding lifetime of vessels
  • Maximum safety and increased user comfort

Microwave-assisted pressure digestion is used as a sample preparation technique for reliable elemental analysis in routine and research laboratories alike.
speedwave XPERT is a universally applicable microwave digestion system for the preparation of organic and inorganic sample materials that impresses with its reliability, safety,
and economy.

Reliable, Durable, and Economic

speedwave XPERT sets new standards with its innovative sensor technology and high-quality components. Real-time temperature and pressure monitoring takes place contactless for all vessels, which can be removed individually after digestion. The vessels of speedwave XPERT have an outstanding lifetime of up to 10,000 digestion cycles. Low material wear and protection of the vessels against damage by optical pressure and temperature control also ensure that you can significantly reduce your running costs in sample preparation.

  • No cross-contamination due to minimal surface porosity of TFM-PTFE vessels
  • Homogenous distribution of microwave radiation due to the round design of the oven chamber
  • Permanent pressure and temperature control by optical sensors

Maximum Operational Safety and High Application Variety

Working under demanding conditions requires an absolutely reliable system. The pressure-resistant furnace with an electrically locked swiveling lid is equipped with an integrated exhaust system to prevent reaction gases from escaping. The furnace chamber is permanently ventilated. To reduce safety risks from irregular heating, a monitoring of the reaction parameters pressure and temperature is of particular importance. Thanks to real-time monitoring of the internal vessel pressure automatic regulation and, if necessary, shutdown of processes, takes place in case of exothermic reactions.

  • Top-loading concept and electronic lid lock
  • Permanent ventilation of the oven chamber and removal of generated acid fumes by the fume collection system
  • Automatic regulation in case of exothermic reactions

The speedwave XPERT vessels are manufactured with the highest quality standards. They are made from high quality TFM-PTFE and impress through reliability and an outstanding lifetime. Vessel volumes cover a wide range, from 40 to 100 mL. You can choose between four vessel options, offering maximum flexibility for digestions up to 260 °C and 100 bar. The vessels comprise only few individual parts. They are opened and closed manually and without additional tools. When the vessels are opened, the remaining pressure is released safely and controlled. All vessels are equipped with a rupture disc, which breaks when the overpressure exceeds the tolerance level. This allows an immediate termination of the digestion run in case of exothermic reactions. Thus, expensive consequential damage is avoided. Additional liner systems expand the field of applications of existing vessel types. The vessels can be equipped with inserts to support digestion of small sample quantities or complex samples.

Pressure monitoring (Optical Pressure Control OPC) involves optical detection of the internal vessel pressure. The patented technology uses a glass ring, on which the internal pressure acts as a sensor element.
Increases in pressure are reflected by changes to the optical characteristic of the glass. The sensor element located in the screw cap of the digestion vessel records these changes and shows the pressure individually for each sample. The optical detection of the vessel surface temperature (Optical Temperature Cut-Off OTC) increases
safety and lifetime of the digestion vessels and allows for an individually programmable upper temperature limit. The optical detection of each sample temperature (Direct Infrared Control DIRC) is a patented temperature measurement process, here as well, an infrared thermometer is used for contactless control in all vessels instead of just one reference vessel. Thanks to the optical pressure control in every vessel, exothermic reactions are detected early and the process is automatically regulated or stopped by speedwave XPERT.

  • Real-time monitoring
  • Minimization of the risk of contamination
  • Easy handling

The innovative design of speedwave XPERT builds a connection of convenience and function. A special feature of the microwave digestion system is its top-loading concept. The swiveling lid allows the vessels to be easily loaded from above, providing optimal operator comfort. speedwave XPERT can be operated via a 7" touch controller with a graphical user interface, as well as via mobile devices or PC/laptop.

Технические характеристики

speedwave XPERT – Microwave Pressure Digestion System

Dimension (width x depth x height)

Order number: 819-5005000-2

880 mm x 645 mm x 480 mm

Программное обеспечение

speedwave XPERT can be operated via a 7" touch controller
with a graphical user interface, as well as via mobile devices or PC/laptop.

speedwave XPERT Software – pre-installed standard software for full control included, for 21 CFR part 11 compliance please select 819-5005011




speedwave XPERT – Microwave Pressure Digestion System (819-5005000-2)



Order number

Concentration/Evaporation unit for CX 100


Turntable ring speedwave XPERT –
for DAP-60/100 and DAK-100


CX 100 Opening station




Forming tool CX 100


Forming tool PL 100


Forming tool PM 40


Forming tool PM 60




speedwave XPERT Start DAP60X samples –
12x 60 mL, 40 bar *


speedwave XPERT Start DAK100X samples –
8x100ml, 100bar *


speedwave XPERT Start DAK100X OPC-samples –
8x100ml, 100bar *


speedwave XPERT Start DAP100X OPC-samples –
12x100mL 25 bar/ 40 bar *


speedwave XPERT Start DAP100X samples –
12x100 ml, 25 bar/ 40 bar *


speedwave XPERT Start DAP40X samples –
24 x 40 ml, 40 bar *


speedwave XPERT Start DAP60X OPC-samples –
12x60ml, 40bar *


* necessary to operate



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