Mini UV Transilluminator

Mini UV Transilluminator


  • Filter size 8 cm x 15 cm
  • Uniform illumination
  • High-grade filter glass for low background
  • Tiltable and removable UV protection lid

Product Info

Mini UV-table UVstar 8 as „personal“ tranislluminator
The Mini UV-Transilluminator UVstar 8 is well-suited for a fast check of fragment separations in fluorescent gels or for cutting out of bands from agarose gels. The UV table comes with a very small footprint of only 25 cm x 13 cm. The device is available with 312 nm or with 365 nm UV light. 312 nm is useful for documentation purposes, the last one is perfect for preparative tasks. The UVstar 8 includes a UV protection lid which is magnetically hold in place. It is possible to adjust it in an angled position and to use it as protection shield when working on a UV-fluorescent gel.

Technical Data




Compact size with small footprint

Saves bench space

Stainless steel filter frame

Robust and easy to clean for daily routine

Angled adjustable UV protection shield

User UV protection during handling the gel


UV-Filter size (cm x cm)

Filter type and intensity setting

8 x 15

High-grade filter
Without intensity switch

UVstar 8, 312 nm
UVstar 8, 365 nm

Order Info

Order number


                          Mini UV transilluminators


UVstar 8, 312 nm transilluminator, filter size
8 cm x 15 cm, 1 x 6 W UV bulb (312 nm), UV protection shield


UVstar 8, 365 nm  transilluminator, filter size
8 cm x 15 cm, 1 x 6 W UV bulb (312 nm), UV protection shield


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