innuMIX Green PCR MasterMix


  • ƒƒMaximum simplification of routine PCR
  • A composition of two dyes for direct loading of agarose gels, a Taq DNA polymerase and high quality dNTPs
  • Excellent PCR efficiency
  • Suitable for use with most PCR instruments

Product Info

The innuMIX Green PCR MasterMix was developed to make routine PCR as time-efficient and simple as possible. A combination of all the necessary PCR chemicals of optimal concentration ensures that the innuMIX Green PCR MasterMix delivers fast, highly specific and ultrasensitive amplification of DNA fragments of up to 4 kb. Only the template and primers need to be added to the reaction, followed by enough water (suitable for PCR) to produce the final volume. Thanks to the two dyes (yellow and blue) contained in the innuMIX Green PCR MasterMix, the amplification products can be loaded directly on an agarose gel.

The concentration of MgCl2 in the master mix is already ideal, eliminating the need to add any more.

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1 ml for 100 reactions each 20 μl


2 ml for 200 reactions each 20 μl



2 x master mix


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