qTOWER³ auto

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qTOWER3 auto – Real-Time PCR meets Automation

  • High-end qPCR solution for automated research
  • Smooth integration into computer-controlled workflows
  • Sophisticated design with reduced footprint

Product Info

Scalable solutions according to throughput needs
Optimize your qPCR workflow and reduce your costs without compromising reliability and data quality. With qTOWER³ auto, a compact, automatable real-time PCR thermal cycler, even high sample numbers can be handled safely and cost-efficiently. The fast and sensitive analysis and quantification of DNA samples is reproducibly ensured by the excellent performance of the qTOWER³ auto, as it is based on the proven technology of the qTOWER³- family.

  • Simple device integration
  • Increased throughput with up to 4 devices in one LH system
  • Device security and automation extends walkaway times
  • POS/NEG analysis by endpoint determination
  • Standalone operation possible

Increase your performance through design
Based on lab automation demands, the qTOWER³ auto with its decoupled power module and a freely accessible sample plate tray offers a reduced footprint. In developing the system, special emphasis was placed on compatibility with the common manufacturers of robot arms and automation systems. The unique, patented, motorized plate lifter system simplifies workflows by allowing gentle lifting of the sample plate to release it safely from the sample block, while the innovative labware detection function reliably detects any improper sample plate loading. Discover our solution to provide you with confidence in your system and free up resources to focus on value-adding activities.

  • Modular design to fit on nearly all benchtops
  • Free access to the sample plate tray
  • Maximum workflow security through a unique labware detection function
  • Patented plate lifter system ensures an easy loading and unloading of the sample plate


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